Room for Junior Sections of FEBS Societies

Watch this post for updates on the activities and plans of the Junior Sections of FEBS Societies.

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To bring together students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences from all over Europe, the Junior Sections of the ÖGMBT (Austria), HDBMB (Croatia) GBM (Germany), SIB (Italy), NVBMB (the Netherlands), SEBBM (Spain), the Biochemical Society (UK), have collaborated with FEBS to establish an initiative: the Junior Sections of FEBS Societies. We want to encourage junior sections of other national Societies to join us, and for national Societies without a formal junior section, to consider setting one up (we have written a post with ideas for how to do this).

As an initiative, we want to develop joint activities and share resources, as well as open doors for young European scientists to opportunities outside their home countries by providing the relevant contacts and thus fostering the communication within the network. Importantly, this emerging platform is still very dynamic and lives on the ideas that you and your society’s members are all welcome to contribute.

Join us!

To support the initiative, FEBS has created an open Room for the Junior Sections of FEBS Constituent Societies as a platform for exchange and collaboration within the FEBS Network. All young members from the FEBS societies are welcome to sign up to the FEBS Network and become a member of the Room using the following link:

Planned and organized events

We organize events of interest to students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences across Europe.

FEBS Junior Sections Talk Series 2022

We have planned a series of monthly talks for 2022, alternating academic and career topics, each organized by a Junior Section from a different country.

13th January. Academic. Organized by Junior-GBM (the Junior Section of the German Society, GBM). A talk by Dr Andreas Schlundt, from Goethe University Frankfurt, on “The roles of sequence, structure and dynamics for specific RNA-recognition by proteins". Watch the recorded talk (edited to remove unpublished data).

10th February. Careers. Organized by SEBBM Junior Consuls (the Junior Section of the Spanish Society, SEBBM). 

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Hougaard Laustsen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Topic: “Bridging academia and bioentrepreneurship”
Time: 10th February 2022, 19:00 (CET)
Read this post for more information and to register for the talk.

10th MarchAcademic. Organized by Young NVBMB (the Junior Section of the Dutch Society, NVBMB). Talk topic and speaker of this research talk still to be confirmed.

14th April. Careers. Organized by HDBMB Young Scientists' Forum (the Junior Section of the Croatian Society, HDBMB). Talk topic and speaker of this research talk still to be confirmed.

12th May. Academic. Organized by ÖGMBT/YLSA (the Junior Sections of the Austrian Society. ÖGMBT). Talk topic and speaker of this research talk still to be confirmed.

9th June. Careers. Organized by SIB Sezione Giovani (the Junior Section of the Italian Society, SIB). Talk topic and speaker of this research talk still to be confirmed.

Please come back to this post for more details on these and later talks.  Get in touch if you have a suggestion for an activity and please help us share our talks with your peers.

Talks delivered in 2021

We delivered two events in 2021, listed below.

1) Working at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK. With Dr Roser Vento-Tormo, Group Leader on Cellular Genetics at the Sanger. This event took place on the 19 October 2021.

Dr Roser Vento-Tormo, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, presenting to the FEBS Junior Sections

2) The AlphaFold Database, co-developed by DeepMind and EMBL-EBI. With Prof. Gerard Kleywegt and Dr Sameer Velankar, at EMBL-EBI. You can watch a recording of the webinar here. This event took place on the 26 October 2021.

Dr Sameer Velankar, from EMBL-EBI, presenting the AlphaFold database to the FEBS Junior Sections

Spread the word!

Please share this post with your FEBS Constituent Society to help promote the exchange between young scientists across Europe. Thank you!


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What an excellent initiative!

Irene Diaz-Moreno

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