Have a general query about the FEBS Network?

Contact Carolyn Elliss, FEBS Communications and Projects Manager, at info@febs.org

Need help with how to manage your profile or how to post?

See these key guides in the About the FEBS Network channel:

How to edit your profile and manage your account
How to publish posts

Interested in becoming a regular channel contributor?

Contact the relevant channel overseer with details of your experience in the area, any ideas for contributions, and a brief CV:

Channel overseers: 

Early-career scientist: Andreas Hartig (Vienna, Austria)
Educator: Angel Herráez (Alcalá de Henares, Spain)
Viewpoints: Isabel Varela Nieto (Madrid, Spain)
Research: Andrea Bellelli (Rome, Italy)

Interested in setting up a research division room in your subject area?

If you have queries on the recent call for research division rooms, don't hesitate to contact the Chair of the FEBS Network Working Group, László Fésüs (Debrecen, Hungary)
If you are an organizer of a FEBS-funded event interested in setting up a room linked to your event, please contact Carolyn Elliss