Have a general query about the FEBS Network?

Contact Carolyn Elliss, FEBS Communications and Projects Manager, at info@febs.org

Need help with how to manage your profile or how to post?

See these key guides in the About the FEBS Network channel:

How to edit your profile and manage your account
How to publish posts

Interested in becoming a regular channel contributor?

Contact the relevant channel overseer with details of your experience in the area, any ideas for contributions, and a brief CV:

Channel overseers: 

Early-career scientist: Andreas Hartig (Vienna, Austria)
Educator: Angel Herráez (Alcalá de Henares, Spain)
Viewpoints: Isabel Varela Nieto (Madrid, Spain)

Interested in setting up a research division room in your subject area?

Contact László Fésüs (Debrecen, Hungary) and look out for a call for proposals in early 2018!
If you are an organizer of a 2018 FEBS-funded event interested in setting up a room linked to your event, please contact Carolyn Elliss.