Biochemistry in Motion (BeM)

Biochemistry in Motion (Bioquímica en Movimiento-BeM) is a non profit youth association made up of biochemical students in Spain, whose objective is to bring biochemistry closer to society, communicate science to the public, and connect young researchers.
Biochemistry in Motion (BeM)

In the beginning we were just a few students from Caceres (Spain), where it all started because we felt that the general public did not know much about our biochemistry degree.  Our subject seemed to be invisible, and we were determined to change the situation. So, in the summer of 2019 Biochemistry in Motion Caceres was born.

Biochemistry in Motion (Bioquímica en Movimiento-BeM) Caceres 

Our objectives were the following:  

  1. EXPLORE: to go beyond our limits, starting new projects and bringing about new opportunities.
  2. LEARN: just like our scientific background has taught us. For example, we initially found it challenging to create our own association in terms of legal and economic issues, but in the end this allowed us to broaden our capacities.
  3. POPULAR SCIENCE: we have a strong commitment to bring science closer to people.
  4. DREAM: which has truly led us to making everything come true.

But we are not only growing in Caceres. Last summer a new city joined us: Toledo, with Biochemistry in Motion Toledo. In addition to them, in autumn we also welcomed another city, Cordoba, with Biochemistry in Motion Cordoba. We feel delighted to have already three cities representing this team, as one of our goals is to reach the national level.

Biochemistry in Motion (Bioquímica en Movimiento-BeM) Toledo

Biochemistry in Motion (Bioquímica en Movimiento-BeM) Cordoba

Together we have managed to carry out many great activities, among which we can highlight:

  • Two National Congresses (March 2020 and October 2021), and we are having the third edition in October 2022. It included talks and round tables, as well as oral communication and scientific outreach competitions, and different workshops such as a hall escape.

    II Edition of the National Congress (Caceres) 

  • Bringing science closer to young people. We have carried out activities like informative talks and awareness of our biochemistry degree. Also, for the youngest students we have prepared easy and fun experiments and talks.

  • Spreading science through social networks. It is important to make science available to the youngest generation, but it is also relevant that the overall population has a certain level of knowledge in science. In our social media we share posts with different sections such as scientific progress, Women and Science, and Do you know...?

  • Master’s Degree Informative Talks. With these we aim to facilitate the choice of next degree for the graduate student, as we try to cover the different fields that our Bachelor degree offers.

  • Researchers’ Talks. We managed to organised talks by important researchers, hosted at our universities, libraries in the city, and other venues… Among these researchers we could include Lluis Montoliu (CSIC research scientist) or Isabel Varela-Nieto (President of the SEBBM, the Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

  • FEBS Junior Section participation. We are part of the FEBS Junior Section initiative through our membership of the SEBBM. We science in Europe through monthly online talks, like the one organised on the 21th of July by BeM/SEBBM Junior Section.

For all this we are very proud of our work. If you liked our initiative and you are interested, you are always invited to follow us in our networks and join us!

   @bioquimicaenmovimiento ; @bem_toledo ; @bem_cordoba

   @bqenmovimiento ; @bem_toledo ; @bem_cordoba

    Bioquímica en Movimiento (BeM)

Members of Caceres and Toledo BeM (Caceres) 

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash 

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