FEBS Junior Section – AlphaFold Database webinar

A webinar about the AlphaFold Database, with Prof. Gerard Kleywegt and Dr Sameer Velankar, both at EMBL-EBI. The event was organised by the FEBS Junior Section (an initiative from junior members of some of the FEBS Constituent Societies).

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The Junior Sections of the ÖGMBT (Austria), HDBMB (Croatia), GBM (Germany), SIB (Italy), NVBMB (the Netherlands), SEBBM  (Spain), and the Biochemical Society (UK), have collaborated with FEBS to establish an initiative: the FEBS Junior Section. They are creating a network of students and young researchers throughout Europe and beyond, sharing resources and  developing joint activities. 

This webinar about the AlphaFold Database, with Prof. Gerard Kleywegt and Dr Sameer Velankar, both at EMBL-EBI, was one of the events organised by the FEBS Junior Section. For more information on their initiative, read this post and visit the Room for the FEBS Junior Section, on the FEBS Network.

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