Angel Herráez

Associate professor, University of Alcalá

Learning Technology Developer, LearnSci

Transformative learning technology
Rosemary Kathleen Clyne

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

Award-winning biomedical science senior lecturer delivering innovations in curriculum development and digital learning with exceptional student ratings of teaching delivery and effect. Founder and Lead of the Future Global Leaders Forum student leadership development programme. Experienced scientific editor and international external examiner committed to community engagement and science education in schools.
Todar Lakhvich

Associate professor, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Belarusian State Medical University

Tatiana Borisova

Professor , Palladin Institute of Biochemistry NAS of Ukraine

neuroscience; nanotechnology; nanotoxicology; space biology
Kaspars Tars

Professor, University of Latvia

Jerka Dumic

Professor, University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry

Aljoša Bavec

Professor , Medical faculty, University of Ljubljana

Paraoxonase-1, glucagons like peptide-1 receptor, G-proteins, molecular interactions, enzyme kinetic, signalling, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes mellitus 2, technology for teaching and learning
Gus Cameron

Reader in Bioscience Education, University of Bristol

Gül Güner Akdogan

Professor, IEU School of Medicine, Izmir

Biochemistry-Medical Biochemistry
Günther Koraimann

Professor, University of Graz

Teaching interests: At the University of Graz, Austria, I am engaged in designing and executing curricula in molecular life sciences. We currently operate one bachelor´s and three master´s degrees in molecular and technical biosciences together with the Technical University of Graz. In these joint programmes in the framework of NAWI Graz there are currently about 1500 students. Research interests: Molecular Biology, Microbiology, bacterial diversity, gene regulation, genetic networks, horizontal gene transfer, antimicrobial resistance, type IV secretion
Joel Sussman

Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science

Yannis Karamanos

Professor , Université d'Artois

Yannis Karamanos, male, biochemist, Ph.D. at the biochemistry department, Lille University in 1983. He worked for Biotechnology Institute, Limoges University 1987-1996. Professor in 1996 he created the Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Artois University 1996-2000, before to merge with the Blood-Brain Barrier Laboratory (BBB Lab), directed by Professor Roméo Cecchelli at Artois University in 2001. From 1980 to 2000 he worked on the structure-function relationships of glycoconjugates and his main project was the investigations on the biological roles of the de-N-glycosylation enzymes (Endo-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase and peptide-N4-(N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminyl) asparagine amidase). From 2002 he developed the proteome project of the BBB Lab. He has published more than 60 papers and participated at numerous international conferences. From 2013 he developed innovative teaching practices and adopted the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) concept.
Shuchismita Dutta

Scientific Educational Development Lead, RCSB Protein Data Bank, Rutgers University

Miguel A. De la Rosa

Prof. Dr., Universidad de Sevilla-CSIC

María Delgado Esteban

PhD Miguel Servet I Researcher, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas

Margarita Díaz-Guerra

Senior scientist, Biomedical Research Institute (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC)

Magali Blaud

Lecturer, Pharmacy Faculty of Paris - Paris Descartes University

José C. Diez

Senior Lecturer, Universidad de Alcalá

Elena Bogonez

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid