Angel Herráez

Associate professor, University of Alcalá
Vojtech Spiwok

Professor, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Aberham Abere

Lecturer (Medical Parasitology), University of Gondar

I am Aberham Abere Alemayehu, I have MSc degree in medical parasitology and currently I am working as a lecturer and researcher on infection diseases at University of Gondar, Ethiopia. 
Paul Shore

Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

Associate Dean for Flexible and Digital Education, Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health Sciences
Dr Tobechukwu Christian Ezike

Lecturer I, University of Nigeria

nazente atçeken

postdoctoral researcher, PhD., Koc University

Seda Keskin

Research Assistant , Van Yuzuncu Yil University

Fadiji Olatundun Oluwapelumi

[email protected], Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State.

Caner Geyik

Assistant Prof., Istinye University

Lela Chitadze

Invited Lecturer / Researcher / PhD student, Institute of Chemical biology/Ilia State University

I am a biochemistry (degree at University of Porto, Portugal) and I have a PhD in Biology and habilitation in Biomedicine. I work in human reproduction, in particular, on unraveling the molecular mechanisms that egulate sperm movement. Interest in the area determined my research in subsequent years focuing on the understanding of the molecular bases of sperm function and relation to male (in)fertility, as well as the characterization of molecular events related to prostate carcinogenesis, with potential diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of this type of cancer.  I love being a teacher and helping my students to learn and to succeed in thier lifes. 
Subham Preetam

Early Stage Researcher (R1), DGIST

Subham Preetam is the Founder & CEO of N BASE. He is a professional biotechnologist in the field of biorobotics, cancer, immunity, biomedical, and nanometerial research. He is dedicated to the advancement of precision medicine and successful preclinical research to enhance the quality of life for individuals. With extensive cross-disciplinary training and experience in translational research, he is currently focused on various research topics, including microrobotics, soft bio-hybrid robots, and quantum nanoparticles for drug delivery. His research aims to improve the life expectancy of sea animals and humans. Furthermore, he is involved in developing a bio-fluidics nanomedicine system that leverages the latest drug delivery technologies to create personalized solutions for brain cancer patients in South Korea and Sweden. Additionally, he collaborates with researchers from India, Taiwan, Israel, US, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom on various collaborative projects.
Célia Antunes

Associate Professor, University of Évora


Professor , Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia

Zane Kalnina

Leading researcher, Associate Professor, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study center, University of Latvia

Manasseh Agbeshie Atteh

Biological Science, University of Ghana

Bernard Ademola

Student, University of Benin

Ayşe Koçak

phD , Dokuz Eylul University

Etim Esin Etim

Academic/,PhD student, University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue State

halil ibrahim yılmaz

biochemistry, erzurum bölge eğitim ve araştırma hastanesi