#FEBS2023 Congress plenary lecturer interviews

As a warm-up to this year's FEBS Congress, or for general interest, enjoy a collection of Q&As with outstanding scientists speaking at #FEBS2023.
#FEBS2023 Congress plenary lecturer interviews

During the build up to the 47th FEBS Congress in Tours this July, several scientists delivering headline lectures at the event have introduced their research topics and kindly shared some general reflections on research and researcher life in a series of FEBS Network posts. 

With the live event just around the corner, here is a list of all for quick access, in the order of the lectures at the event. Enjoy reading, and be inspired!

Karen Vousden: “I think we never stop learning and this is part of the fun of this career."

Eric Westhof: "... your job becomes your hobby or vice versa when you are a scientist."

Be bold. Be brilliant. Be kind.
An interview with Sarah Teichmann, recipient of the FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award 2023. By Kathy Weston.

Mariano Barbacid: "Exchanging ideas with my colleagues is one of the most enjoyable activities in research."

Eileen Furlong: “New methods and concepts in one area of biology can really help to illuminate another.“

Marina Rodnina: “It is a great time to enter science.”

Maya Schuldiner: "My biggest highlight is always talking to my students and postdocs."

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