The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Eszter Nagy-Kanta

PhD student, PPCU FIT

Kity Požek

Young researcher, Jožef Stefan Institute


PhD candidate, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics/Yildiz Technical University

Drake Byamukama

Msc Research fellow, Medical Research Institute, Uganda Research Unit

Firuze Bihter Batur

Medical Student, Marmara University


PhD STUDENT , RCNS, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences & Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Debprasad Dutta

Research Scientist, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation (MSMF)

George Sflomos

Senior Cancer Research Scientist, EPFL

Adam Frtús

Ph.D. student, Charles University in Prague

Andrej Doko

Medical laboratory engineer , No

João Santos Patrício

Research Associate, UT Southwestern

Dr Tobechukwu Christian Ezike

Lecturer I, University of Nigeria

Hao Yuan

PhD student, Michigan State University

Degu Abate Mengiste

Assistant professor of Medical Microbiology, Haramaya University

Subham Preetam

Early Stage Researcher (R1), DGIST

Subham Preetam is the Founder & CEO of N BASE. He is a professional biotechnologist in the field of biorobotics, cancer, immunity, biomedical, and nanometerial research. He is dedicated to the advancement of precision medicine and successful preclinical research to enhance the quality of life for individuals. With extensive cross-disciplinary training and experience in translational research, he is currently focused on various research topics, including microrobotics, soft bio-hybrid robots, and quantum nanoparticles for drug delivery. His research aims to improve the life expectancy of sea animals and humans. Furthermore, he is involved in developing a bio-fluidics nanomedicine system that leverages the latest drug delivery technologies to create personalized solutions for brain cancer patients in South Korea and Sweden. Additionally, he collaborates with researchers from India, Taiwan, Israel, US, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom on various collaborative projects.
Lara Behrmann

PhD, University Bonn / University Hospital Bonn

Adenike Christabel Ogunro (nee Blankson)

PhD student , Federal University of Technology Minna

Favor Akpakpan Udoeyop

Assistant Professor, PAMO university of medical science                Dr Favor Udoeyop is an Early Career Scientist with eight (8) years of experience in teaching and research. With a background in Biochemistry and a PhD in Nutrition/Toxicology, Favor currently serves in the Department of Biochemistry, PAMO University of Medical Sciences, Rivers State. Throughout her career, Favor has actively collaborated with researchers in the field of Nutrition/Toxicology, Food Biotechnology, Complementary/Alternative Medicine and Environmental Biochemistry. She has contributed to these areas through participation in conferences, publication of peer-reviewed journal articles and involvement in book projects. She is a member of several professional bodies including NSBMB, NISEB, BSN and SBCTN. Favor's special interest is in how food affects the brain and maternal health.  She is experienced in research using animal models (rats and fish); biomarker studies involving analysis of stress markers, inflammatory markers, reproductive and biochemical markers; analysis of nutritional and bioactive substances in plant. Currently, she is interested in the isolation of bioactive peptides in African oil bean, molecular biology and bioinformatics. As a departmental research coordinator, she is regularly involved in research design, implementation, and data analytics (SPSS, EXCEL, Python, Microsoft Power BI). Favor has the ability to work independently and as a team; with great communication and supervisory skills. Her dedication to knowledge sharing is evident in his ability to clarify doubts and foster understanding among diverse audiences Dr Favor is a self-motivated and hardworking early career scientist with strong analytical, creative ideas and possibilities; poised to make significant contributions to the fields of Biological Science. She welcomes opportunities to engage in impactful research, collaborate on projects, and share expertise with like-minded professionals in academia, organizations and the wider community. Her strong faith in God is evident in her humility and the highest integrity. She’s flawed in a lot of ways but she continually subjects herself to learning mentally, psychologically, morally, and socially in order to better herself and to inspire others. She’s passionate about seeing young people especially women becoming active citizens thereby helping to create a better society. Her hobby is playing chess.
Josefina Marín-Rojas

PhD Student, University of Chile