Subham Preetam (He/Him)

Doctoral Student, DGIST

About Subham Preetam

My current research is exploring the Self Propulsion Bio-Hybrid Micro-Robots fabrication for heavy metal removal from ocean water and developing a Novel Nano-Robotic Shuttle to treat GBM brain cancer at MultiScale Biomedical Robotics Lab, DGIST, South Korea. And bio-fluidics nanomedicine that integrates the latest advances in drug delivery technologies for brain cancer patients at IAAM Sweden. Also, I'm working theoretically on some collaborative projects with Sweden, Taiwan, Israel, and India.

Research Interest

Apoptosis Biotechnology Cancer Drug Design Neuroscience Stem Cells

FEBS Constituent Society

UK (Biochemical Society)

Other Expertise/Interests

Undergraduate teaching Scientific administration Journal publishing

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