Ferhan Sagin

Chair, FEBS Education and Training Committee, Ege University, Faculty of Medicine

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Atherosclerosis, inflammatory diseases, biomarkers

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Türkiye (TBS)

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Scientific event organization Undergraduate teaching

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Jun 10, 2024

Huge congrats on getting started! It's awesome to see you guys supporting your peers - students and early-career researchers in the biosciences.

I loved the career panel and company visit ideas....

Keep up the amazing work! —can't wait to see all the great things you'll achieve!

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Apr 03, 2024

Great post Maria Luisa! You are a very valuable asset of our community...

Apr 03, 2024

Missing FEBS conference :)


Apr 02, 2024

Such a fantastic writer you are!!!

I can't imagine a better post reflecting everything in our conference - learning, engaging, networking, food and joy!

Million thanks!

Mar 13, 2024


Such an exciting educational approach that brilliantly combines immersive learning with essential biological concepts. Its focus on elucidating the origins of the oxygen we breathe through the intricate processes of photosynthesis is admirable. The inclusion of the manganese-calcium cluster's role in oxygen production further enriches the learning experience by highlighting the complexity of these biological mechanisms. I am positive that this app can also serve as a bridge connecting learners with the ongoing research in photosynthesis, potentially inspiring future scientific exploration.

Congrats Inmaculada for this post!

Jan 05, 2024

What an honor to be part of this great journey! 

Happy 60th birthday FEBS!

Jun 12, 2022

Caner, this is an incredibly helpful post-not only the content is great but also your learner-friendly approach! This shows how good an educator you are! Keep up posting! Well done.. 


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