Margarida Sâncio da Cruz Fardilha (She/Her)

Professor, DCM, UA

About Margarida Sâncio da Cruz Fardilha

I am a biochemistry (degree at University of Porto, Portugal) and I have a PhD in Biology and habilitation in Biomedicine. I work in human reproduction, in particular, on unraveling the molecular mechanisms that egulate sperm movement. Interest in the area determined my research in subsequent years focuing on the understanding of the molecular bases of sperm function and relation to male (in)fertility, as well as the characterization of molecular events related to prostate carcinogenesis, with potential diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of this type of cancer. 

I love being a teacher and helping my students to learn and to succeed in thier lifes. 

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Cell Signalling Drug Design Metabolism Molecular Medicine

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Portugal (SPB)

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Grant writing Journal publishing Postgraduate training Scientific communication Undergraduate teaching

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I am also very dedicated to engage students in my classes. I also use music and dancing and it makes a huge difference. Congrats!