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Jenefer Thoroughgood

Managing Director, Thoroughly Good Consulting
  • Thoroughly Good Consulting
  • +447801578655
  • Community
  • United Kingdom
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Hannes Mutschler

PI, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

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Violeta Ribarska

Publisher, Wiley

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Tatiana Borisova

Professor , Palladin Institute of Biochemistry NAS of Ukraine

neuroscience; nanotechnology; nanotoxicology; space biology
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Vlastimil Kulda

Dr., Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University

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Ferhan Sagin

Prof. Dr., Ege University, Faculty of Medicine

Atherosclerosis, inflammatory diseases, biomarkers
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Catalin Marian

Professor, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara

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Kaspars Tars

Professor, University of Latvia

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Aljoša Bavec

Professor , Medical faculty, University of Ljubljana

Paraoxonase-1, glucagons like peptide-1 receptor, G-proteins, molecular interactions, enzyme kinetic, signalling, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes mellitus 2, technology for teaching and learning
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Magali Blaud

Lecturer, Pharmacy Faculty of Paris - Paris Descartes University

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Erkki Raulo

Senior Adviser, University of Helsinki

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Daichi Shimazaki

master course student, Kyoto university

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Simon Yona

Senior Research Associate , University College London

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Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder, Zapnito

My background is in technology, professional services and digital media. I co-founded Zapnito due to a number of related observations from my time in these sectors: 1) the social web is creating a huge amount of noise 2) expertise that brands have built up over decades is being drowned out and hidden from those that need it 3) these brands are therefore losing their audience to often undeserving and unhelpful sources, and 4) people are finding it harder to access the expertise that they truly value. I therefore decided to create Zapnito, a white-label platform to help trusted brands reclaim their audiences via expert-driven knowledge networks.
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Peter Marhavy

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Lausanne

Plant Cell and Developmental Biologist,
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Markus Weingarth

Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

Antibiotics / Membrane Proteins / Solid-state NMR / In-cell Structural Biology /
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James Weeks

Product Design Manager, John Wiley and Sons

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Andreas Hartig

Prof. of Biochemistry, University of Vienna

Organelle biogenesis, peroxisomes, yeast
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