The 2024 Molecular Oncology Writing Competition: Impact of the exposome on cancer risk

As part of World Cancer Day (4 Feb), the FEBS journal Molecular Oncology invites you to take part in a writing competition aimed at highlighting the impact of the exposome on cancer risk. The competition is open to researchers of all levels and the deadline for submission is 4 March 2024.
The 2024 Molecular Oncology Writing Competition: Impact of the exposome on cancer risk

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Update! Find out who were the winners and honourable mentions of the 2024 Molecular Oncology Writing Competition.

To mark World Cancer Day (4 Feb), the FEBS journal Molecular Oncology has launched its 2024 Molecular Oncology Writing Competition. The topic this year is how exposure to various environmental and dietary factors predisposes people to a higher risk of developing cancer.

We invite researchers of all levels to contribute a short essay (up to 800 words) sharing their perspectives on the importance of a recent scientific or technological discovery highlighting the interplay between the exposome and cancer development, and elaborating on how it has the potential to or has already impacted cancer care or prevention.

From the air we breathe to the food we consume, both voluntary and involuntary exposures contribute to the intricate network of factors influencing cancer development. Understanding how elements of the exposome, such as pollutants, lifestyle choices, and socio-economic factors, interact with our genetic makeup provides valuable insights into cancer aetiology. We are, thus, open to your opinions, insights, and forecasts on unravelling these intricate connections between environmental exposures and cancer, and approaches to mitigate cancer risk and enhance overall public health.

What: Essay up to 800 words
When: Until 4 March 2024
Submit to[email protected] under the subject ‘2024 Writing competition’ in your email. Please include a short description of your current research position and mention your affiliation in your email.

  • First place 500€
  • Second place 300€
  • Third place 200€

Details on the winning entries of the previous year’s writing competition may be found here.

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Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash 

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