Marketing Yourself for Careers in Academia & Industry

The next IUBMB Trainee Initiative webinar is on 29 June, on how to present yourself for your next position in academia or in industry. Two speakers, Arjun Raj and Kyle Hess, will offer ideas and advice, and answer questions from the audience. Please share this information with your peers.
Marketing Yourself for Careers in Academia & Industry

Update! Watch the recording of this talk.

We invite you to join in at the next webinar from the IUBMB Trainee Initiative, on "Marketing Yourself for Careers in Academia & Industry". It will take place on Thursday, 29 June at 11 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) / 8 pm CEST. This FREE webinar is organized by the IUBMB Trainee Initiative.

First, we will be hearing from Dr. Arjun Raj, Professor of Bioengineering and Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania, about his career path and practical advice for finding your next position in academia. He will be sharing some do's and don'ts when searching for a postdoctoral position.

The second talk will be from Dr. Kyle Hess, a Proteomics Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb, who will speak about his career path and give advice for transitioning into industry.

Listen to Brianna Bibel, the Bumbling Biochemist, and member of the IUBMB Trainee Initiative, as she explains why the webinar will provide useful knowledge for your next career move, and gives more information on the speakers.

Please be sure to register for the webinar using this link:

We would really appreciate it if you could pass this information along to your member societies and other research networks. We hope to see you and your members at the event!

Flyer for the Marketing Yourself for Careers in Academia & Industry

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