Mental health in academia: IUBMB Trainee Initiative webinar

The FEBS region of the IUBMB Trainee Initiative have organised an online event and panel discussion on mental health in academia. On Tuesday 16 January 2024, at 12:00 Eastern Time | 18:00 CET. Save the date and help us share this event!
Mental health in academia: IUBMB Trainee Initiative webinar

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Update! Watch a recording of this post.

Graduate and PhD students are six times more likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety compared to the general population according to Evans et al. (2018). Who hasn’t been struggling with this issue? Let's have open conversations and build a more supportive and understanding academic community. 

Interested already? Register here for the event.

Want more information? The online event is organised by the FEBS region of the IUBMB Trainee Initiative and will have a diverse panel of leading experts and accomplished individuals who have triumphed over challenges. They will offer guidance and strategies to navigate the often tumultuous journey of graduate studies. There will also be a panel discussion to share experiences and insights into how to overcome mental health challenges. Key discussion points will cover:

  • Coping with multi-factored stress
  • Addressing anxiety and depression in academia
  • Strategies to address and solves challenges

 Featured speaker and panelists:

Alexander Tsai – Mental Health Expert: Learn from Alexander Tsai as he provides a profound introduction to anxiety and depression, specifically addressing their heightened prevalence in graduate students. Gain valuable insights into potential strategies for alleviating and preventing these challenges.

Portrait photo of Alexander Tsai

Stefanie Hodapp: Join the conversation with Stefanie Hodapp as she talks about her experiences as an ECR.

Zack Florentino Murguia Burton – Mental Health Play Creator: Connect with Zack Florentino Murguia Burton, a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bates College in Maine (USA) and creator of the internationally-renowned mental health play “The Manic Monologues”. Uncover the power of reaching out and storytelling in addressing mental health challenges.

Portrait photo of Zack Florentino Murguia Burton

Madeline McGhee – Laboratory Technician at MIT: Gain insights from Madeline McGhee, a laboratory technician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as she shares her experiences and perspectives on mental health in the demanding academic environment.

Portrait photo of Madeline McGhee

Be part of the conversation

Join us to to help foster mental health awareness in academia. Register now:

Poster for the Addressing Mental Health in Academia webinar

Top image by IUBMB Trainee Initiative

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