Pilot FEBS teaching fellowship scheme

FEBS is running, as a pilot experience, a teaching fellowship, to see whether this would be a useful addition to what is currently offered to early-career scientists.
Pilot FEBS teaching fellowship scheme

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We are looking for a suitable candidate for the position of teaching fellow which will be based at the University of Chester. It needs to be someone who has completed a PhD and may have some teaching experience. They should also be fluent in English (written and verbal) as they will be expected to undertake undergraduate teaching within a short time of starting. This fellowship although up to 3 years can be reduced to two years if the candidate can complete the requisite tasks in order to obtain the qualifications of Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and the teaching portfolio to become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. These qualifications are recognised internationally and are now required by all UK universities in order for an academic to be able to teach with these institutions.

Chester University undertakes educational training of its junior staff over a +2 year period to fulfil the requirements for these qualifications and the candidate will follow this programme. They will be expected to dedicate 2/3 of their academic time to teaching and teaching-related activities such as lecturing, small-group tutorials, designing and running practical classes and supervising undergraduate research projects. About 1/3 of their time can be used for research-related activities which can be conducted in my laboratory.

We are especially looking for someone with experience of general biochemistry and with some knowledge of possibly either cell biology, pharmacology or toxicology. The fellowship will likely start in the summer of 2019.

Could you please bring this teaching fellowship position to the attention of suitable candidates.  If they require further information they can contact Prof. Michelangeli directly ([email protected]).

Salary scale will be at the TR3 level and starting salary up to £32,157 /annum, dependent upon experience. The grant will also cover the appropriate annual salary increments and contributions to NI plus pension.

Applications can be made to Prof. Michelangeli by sending via email: a letter of application and a full CV including potential referees by 22nd February 2019.

Prof. Frank Michelangeli (BSc PhD FRSB SFHEA)

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