Educational considerations for training

A webinar aimed at members of the Tunisian Association of Biological Sciences, but also open to anyone interested. Wednesday 7th December 2022, 12:30-17:30 CET.
Educational considerations for training

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This webinar is organised by Prof. Hatem Fakhfakh, FEBS Ambassador for Education in Tunisia, with support from FEBS Education Committee and the Tunisian Association of Biological Sciences. It is set within FEBS Education Committee schema to support workshops initiated by the FEBS Education Ambassadors.

Program of the event:


Welcome  and opening

Ferhan Sagin & Hatem Fakhfakh 


ATSB Introduction

Hatem Fakhfakh 


FEBS - Congresses, Fellowships, Advanced courses, Journals and more…

Jerka Dumic


Discussion and Q&A about FEBS

Jerka Dumic & Ferhan Sagin


Why and how should you develop and improve your educator skills? Tips for both junior and senior scientists

Ferhan Sagin


Principles of learning for training

Hatem Fakhfakh


              Coffee break


Integrative online tools for learning and teaching biochemistry

Nino Sincic


Integration of virtual laboratories in learning of biochemistry

Angel Herraez


Discussion and Q&A

Nino Sincic & Angel Herraez


              Coffee break


Workshop  (young researchers) : How to keep a good lab book

Jason Perret  (& Nino Sincic)


Q&A and closing

Ferhan Sagin & Hatem Fakhfakh

The webinar will be run through Zoom Meetings. Direct link.
Meeting ID: 869 6919 0827    Passcode: 415848

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