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Sep 11, 2017
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The FEBS Network is a new initiative from FEBS to support molecular and cellular life scientists, drawing on recent developments in digital technologies for online communities. The project is at an early stage of development and we encourage you to enjoy exploring its potential and contributing to our long-term aims of creating a valuable resource in the biosciences for learning, staying updated, networking and collaboration.

The FEBS Network has opened with most activity focused on advice, news and insights from selected contributors in three 'channels': Early-Career Scientist, Educator and Viewpoints. These themes reflect long-standing activities of FEBS in supporting young scientists, promoting molecular life sciences education, and following 'science and society' concerns. However, the Network will be more than a collection of interesting and useful pieces of content: it can also become a supportive community of interconnected molecular life science enthusiasts at all career stages. Tools already available to encourage interaction and discussion include profile pages, following, commenting, upvoting and asking questions. 

For the future, there are a number of possibilities to expand the Network as the software available for the platform develops and the community around the Network grows. For example, following upgrades to the functionality for 'rooms' we are now able to launch closed online spaces for community groups such as the FEBS Education Ambassadors and FEBS Fellows. We are also aiming to bring research topics in the molecular life sciences into the heart of the Network. For this, we are planning to offer similar rooms for discussion and interaction around particular research areas to certain FEBS event organizers wishing to extend the impact of their live events, as well as to active scientists in the FEBS community interested in an opportunity to develop subject-specific online communities, following a call for proposals at the start of 2018. We expect a 'Research' channel to highlight content from such rooms as well as featuring research insights from articles and reviews in the FEBS Press journals.

An additional big step for the Network is the recent widening of the possibility to contribute material such as posts and videos to the platform to all those registered on the site. While content in the main channels will continue to come from experts and other contributors appointed by the channel overseers, others registered on the site can now post content to their personal profile page, and such posts will also appear as ‘Latest from all the community’ on the homepage.

Much of the content on the Network can be viewed by all, but to access some items and to interact and post, you first need to make your profile by registering on the platform. There are handy guides to getting started in the 'About the FEBS Network' channel and there is more introductory information on our 'Welcome' page. Come and join the developing community!

The FEBS Network Team

Updated 16 November 2017

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