FEBS Junior Section – An overview

The Junior Sections of some FEBS Constituent Societies have started a new initiative: the FEBS Junior Section. They want to tell you about it and encourage you to join them. Check out their series of posts and videos about their national Junior Sections and their plans for the FEBS Junior Section.

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Help us spread the word about the FEBS Junior Section by sharing our post on Junior Sections in your country and research community. Thank you!

If you are interested in creating a new Junior Section in your Society, or consolidate an existing one, we encourage you to read the posts and watch the videos from the participant Junior Sections (Junior-GBM, ÖGMBT’s Young Life Scientists Austria (YLSA), SIB Sezione Giovani, Young NVBMB, HDBMB Young Scientists’ Forum, SEBBM Junior Consuls, and the Biochemical Society’s Early Career Advisory Panel). And if your Society already has a Junior Section, please get in touch!

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