Eunus S. Ali

Postdoc, Northwestern University
  • Northwestern University
  • Community
  • United States of America
Evgenia Milova

Student, 6th year (equivalent second year of Master’s degree), Lomonosov Moscow State University

Bernard Ademola

Student, University of Benin

Hasan Mamar

PhD student, Biological Research Center/ University of Szeged

Özgün Özalp

Postdoctoral Fellow , University of Zurich

Christian Frezza

Professor of metabolomics in ageing, CECAD, University of Cologne

Our lab uses genetically modified mouse models and a combination of cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry techniques to study the role of altered mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolism in human diseases. A primary analytical tool of the group is metabolomics, which enables the parallel quantification of hundreds of small molecule metabolites. The team also uses computational approaches to integrate datasets from multi-dimensional analyses, including metabolomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics, with the aim to model aging-related disorders and to generate mechanistic hypotheses that will be cross validated experimentally.