Bapin Kumar Panda

PhD, Osnabrück University

Yosuke Senju

Lecturer, Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS), Okayama University

Rini Arianti

PhD Student, University of Debrecen

Stephanie P

Business Development Manager - Biology and Chemistry, ADInstruments

Tuğba Teker

PhD student, Istanbul University

Urszula Szwedowicz

PhD Student, Wroclaw Medical University

Dejenie Shiferaw

A/Researcher, Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Zane Kalnina

Leading researcher, Assistant Professor, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study center, University of Latvia

Kien Lam, Ung

Postdoc, Aarhus University

hannah hughes

research support officer, bangor university


PhD, Ege Unıversıty,Department of Medical Biochemistry

Fatma Ece Altinisik Kaya

phd student, Marmara University

Uğur Bora

PhD Candidate, Izmir International Biomedicine and Genome Center

Lela Chitadze

Invited Lecturer / Researcher / PhD student, Institute of Chemical biology/Ilia State University

Patience Rina

Master of Science Student Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics , JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY

Alper Baran Sözmen

Research Assistant / PhD Candidate, İzmir Institute of Technology

Elene Zhuravliova

Asoc Prof, Ilia State University


PHD student, Ilia State University

Subham Preetam

Doctoral Student, DGIST

Subham Preetam is a professional biotechnologist who collaborates with a creative bio-robotics researcher. His area of expertise lies in early-stage research in biomedical robotics engineering, with a particular interest in quantum engineering for the manufacturing of bio-hybrid robots. He is dedicated to the advancement of precision medicine and successful preclinical research to enhance the quality of life for individuals.

With extensive cross-disciplinary training and experience in translational research, Mr. Preetam is currently focused on various research topics, including micro-robotics, soft bio-hybrid robots, and quantum nanorobot fabrication for removing heavy metals from ocean water. His research aims to improve the life expectancy of sea animals and humans.

Furthermore, he is involved in developing a bio-fluidics nanomedicine system that leverages the latest drug delivery technologies to create personalized solutions for brain cancer patients in South Korea and Sweden. Additionally, he collaborates with researchers from India, Taiwan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the US, China, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom on various collaborative projects.

Kity Požek

Young researcher, Jožef Stefan Institute