Upcoming education/training meetings from FEBS Societies in Slovenia and Latvia

Topics include AI in education, and best practices in leadership/mentoring in life science research
Upcoming education/training meetings from FEBS Societies in Slovenia and Latvia

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In September 2023, FEBS and the Slovenian Biochemical Society (SBD) are organizing joint education workshops coinciding with the time of the 15th Meeting of the SBD.

  • First, on 19 September 2023 in Ljubljana a free event for young scientists will focus on general skills such as presenting science, writing scientific papers, networking and transferable skills. 
  • Second, on 21 September 2023 in Portoroz, a workshop for senior educators attending the 15th Meeting of the SBD will cover: COVID – Lessons for education; Current challenges and opportunities for AI in education; and AI and VR assisted teaching: education through immersive technologies.

For details, see the program pdf here; for information on the SBD Meeting, visit https://portoroz2023.sbd.si/en/conference-programme.html. FEBS Education Committee will award a best poster prize (200 Euros) during the SBD Meeting to encourage scholarly educational research.

In October 2023, the Latvian Biochemical Society (LaBS) is organizing the event 'Best practices in leadership and student mentoring in life science research',
with financial support from the FEBS Education Ambassador scheme.

  • When & where: October 20, 2023 at University of Latvia House of Nature, Jelgavas 1, Riga, Latvia
  • Format: Brief theoretical background + small-group discussions.
  • Target audience: Principal Investigators (limited to 20–25 participants)
  • Registration fee: 20 EUR for LaBS members, 50 EUR for participants outside LaBS.
  • Language: English
  • The program will cover the following topics: Supervisor & student – roles and expectations; Mentoring in academic integrity; Communication between supervisor and student; Understanding psychological aspects of efficient leadership.
  • Facilitators: Prof. Robert Harris (Karolinska Institutet), Prof. Xavier Coumoul (Université Paris Cité) and Ivars Juhnevics (TrainingLab.lv)
For more information, please email [email protected]

Top image of post: by madebyfaisal from Pixabay

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