The FEBS Junior Section present Green Laboratory Work

The third talk of 2023 from the FEBS Junior Section will host the Green Laboratory Work initiative. They will talk about the science of sustainability and how a sustainable mindset can enhance your research. The talk will be on 9 March, at 19:00 (CET). Please help us by sharing this post!
The FEBS Junior Section present Green Laboratory Work

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Update! Watch a recording of this talk.

This talk is an activity from the FEBS Junior Section, an initiative set up by students and young researchers from some of the FEBS Constituent Societies. Each month they organize an online event on either a research or a career topic. This March talk is a career event organized to introduce Green Laboratory Work, another initiative from young researchers, that promotes sustainable laboratory practices.

Speaker: Green Laboratory Work
Topic:The Science of Sustainability: How a Sustainable Mindset Can Enhance Your Research & Life
Time: 9 March 2023, 19:00 (CET)
For more information, see the presentation summary below, visit the Green Laboratory Work website, and read the FEBS Network posts about their online conference and on the career benefits of sustainability.

Green Laboratory Work banner


Green Laboratory Work (GLW) is a dynamic association of students, ranging from Bachelor to PhD, who specialize in various fields such as biochemistry, material sciences, and medical research. By bridging academic research with industry practices, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable world. We believe that by collaborating with like-minded individuals, we can all make a positive impact towards environmentally-friendly research practices. That is, we want to make this journey with you.

At GLW, we found that a sustainable mindset is essential for the well-being of not only the planet, but also ourselves.  By adopting sustainable practices, we can create a more fulfilling research experience that benefits both the researcher and the environment. In short, closer to your publication with less plastics.

Our upcoming talk in March will dive into how a sustainable mindset promotes sustainable action, which in turn leads to greater productivity and overall happiness in your research. During our talk, we will provide:

  • A quick recap of what “sustainable research practices” mean
  • Explore how your mindset is interconnected with your research
  • We will introduce our definition of a “sustainable mindset” and demonstrate how it can be used in your everyday work
  • Providing practical insights into how you can enjoy your research while contributing to the wider goal of promoting sustainability

Join us in our mission to make science more sustainable, and learn how to combine environmental responsibility with your personal happiness.

The FEBS Junior Section

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Photo by Samuel-Elias Nadler on Unsplash 

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