Gifts with festive sparkle

A selection of posts from 2022 to celebrate the holidays and wish you all a good entry into 2023.
Gifts with festive sparkle

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As we approach the end of 2022, we want to wish you the best for the holidays and for the future! Speaking of the future, what might it bring? And what skills and ideas could help bring about a better future? Here are some posts to explore these holidays:

What will education look like in the future?

Screengrab of the post Integrating Augmented Reality into bioscience education

Is foreign travel a step in your future career?

Screengrab of the post The crucial importance of foreign research experience for early-career researchers

What skills will be useful in the future?

Screengrab of the post Why and how should you start learning bioinformatics?

How can we prepare for future shocks?

Screengrab of the post ERINHA – European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents

What will the 'Food of Christmas Future' be like?

Screengrab of the post Meat (protein) alternatives: will this be the future or is it just a hype?

Could science communication be different in the future?

Screengrab of the post Scientists going above and beyond

Will entrepreneurship be the way for you in the future?

Screengrab of the post What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

What should our future look like?

Screengrab of the post What should our future look like?

Photo by Yevhen Buzuk on Unsplash 

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