Education activities at the upcoming IUBMB–FEBS–PABMB Congress

Beyond the research-focused sessions at this summer's Congress, there are opportunities for current and aspiring educators to focus on issues in biosciences education.
Education activities at the upcoming IUBMB–FEBS–PABMB Congress

The joint 2022 Congress of IUBMB, FEBS and PABMB – 'The Biochemistry Global Summit' – hosted by the Portuguese Biochemical Society in Lisbon, 9–14 July 2022 is fast approaching. Here's a summary of programme items of particular note to those engaged in or just interested in teaching, learning and training in the molecular life sciences, including information on submitting abstracts on education/training topics. 

FEBS/IUBMB Special Session on Education:
Where we go from here? Experiences, lessons learned and projections for hybrid post-COVID education

Tuesday July 12; 16:00–18:00; Organized by the FEBS and IUBMB Education Committees

It’s been two full years since COVID-19 demanded abrupt changes in teaching and research environments. Despite the ‘strangeness’ of this sudden change, the effect of the pandemic on our teaching is far from uniform or wholly negative. This session will ask us all to take a step back from the flux we have been in, and will challenge us to discuss post-COVID education. Bringing all sides of the puzzle together, the intention is to better grasp the tenor of teaching in today’s changing, and increasingly hybrid, environment.

Chairs: Lim Yang Mooi, Malaysia; Ferhan Sağın, Turkey 
• The DJ-ification of education, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Spain
 Hybrid learning is here to stay and it is even more about student engagement and experiences, Tracey Kuit, Australia
• Digital strategies for blended and interdisciplinary learning, Rosemary Clyne, UK
• Q&A

FEBS Education Plenary Lecture

Tuesday July 12; 14:30–15:30

Beating to a different drum: how can education become relevant again?, Boris Jokić , Croatia

Boris Jokić is the Director of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. He holds a degree in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb and a PhD from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. His scientific career has been strongly rooted in the field of psychology of education. His most recent research focuses on the effects of pandemic on aspirations of children and youth, their learning and trust. He was a member of the National Council of Education and is one of the authors of the current Croatian strategy of education, science and technology. He was the leader of the Comprehensive Curricular Reform of early and pre-school, elementary and secondary education in Croatia. The ideas, processes and values in this reform led to mass protests of support all over Croatia.

Education Posters

Posters on the following topics in 'Molecular Life Sciences Education' are warmly invited at the Congress:

  • Undergraduate teaching/learning
  • Postgraduate teaching/learning
  • Faculty development
  • Career development

Full instructions on abstract submission are on the Congress website. Note that you can submit an education abstract as well as a research abstract from the same registration! 

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This post was updated on 29 April 2022 for the latest speaker and abstract submission information. 

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