IUBMB Tang Education Fellowships

IUBMB, the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, is announcing a call for applications for fellowships on education. Deadline is 1st December 2019

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The IUBMB Tang Education Fellowships will provide opportunities for the development of both biochemistry and molecular biology educational programs and educators with the specific aims of:

  • increasing expertise and capability in biochemistry and molecular biology education
  • supporting engaged educators
  • promoting change/innovation in approaches to education
  • improving student learning experiences, outcomes and engagement with biochemistry and molecular biology
  • building an evidence base on which to make future recommendations on biochemistry and molecular biology education
  • supporting biochemistry and molecular biology education in developing countries.

The fellowships can be used either to apply for a nominated experienced educator to visit the applicant's institution, or for the applicant to visit another institution.

The fellowships are intended to cover travel accommodation and living expenses, up to two months, to a maximum of US$4000.

Applicants must be a member of an IUBMB Adhering or Associate Adhering body.

The deadlines for receipt of applications is December 1st, 2019 for travel in 2020.

Full information and online application forms.

Angel Herráez

Associate professor, University of Alcalá

biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, molecular visualisation, technology for teaching and learning


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about 2 years ago

Thanks Angel! 

I believe this is a very nice opportunity for an educator and/or institution to move forward in education... fruitful exchanges of knowledge and skills are at the heart of any change...