The FEBS Journal's Focus Issue on Single‐Cell Analyses

Explore expert reviews and an interview from this exciting interdisciplinary research field.

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This Focus Issue from The FEBS Journal brings together six reviews from leading scientists in the field of single-cell biology – covering technological advances, insights into biomedicine gained, and potential future applications – as well as an interview with Sarah Teichmann (Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK), a pioneer in single‐cell techniques.

A glimpse into the topic and this collection is provided by the abstract of the issue's Editorial by Guest Editors Caroline Gallant and Ulf Landegran:

Single‐cell analysis is impacting biology and medicine by changing the scale and resolution at which we investigate multicellular organisms. A particular, overarching aim of this field is to characterize the programmed development of all different cell types in the human body, as well as their individual spatial, molecular, and functional characteristics. This vast research program is generating a much‐needed source of fundamental biological insights that will provide a basis for new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. With this Focus Issue on Single‐Cell Analyses, The FEBS Journal offers interested readers an excellent introduction to this exciting research field, including ideas on how a wide community can benefit from the powerful approaches and technologies as well as the biological knowledge generated.

Find the full editorial here: Gallant, CJ & Landegren, U (2019) A compendium on single‐cell analysis for the curious. FEBS J.

And here are links to the articles in this FEBS J. collection:

Dhillon, P & Teichmann, SA (2019In conversation With Sarah TeichmannFEBS J.

Todorov, H & Saeys, Y (2018Computational approaches for high‐throughput single‐cell data analysisFEBS J

Strell, CHilscher, MMLaxman, NSvedlund, JWu, CYokota, C & Nilsson, M (2018Placing RNA in context and space – methods for spatially resolved transcriptomicsFEBS J

Alon, SHuynh, GH & Boyden, ES (2018Expansion microscopy: enabling single cell analysis in intact biological systemsFEBS J

Silveira, XavierSantos, A & Liberali, P (2018From single cells to tissue self‐organizationFEBS J

Brodin, P (2018The biology of the cell ‐ insights from mass cytometryFEBS J

Mistry, AMGreenplate, ARIhrie, RA & Irish, JM (2018Beyond the message: advantages of snapshot proteomics with single‐cell mass cytometry in solid tumorsFEBS J

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