Partnerships in biomolecular research: the EMBL paradigm

An interview with the Director of International Relations at EMBL on the institute's plans about establishing strong partnerships accross Europe and the world.

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In an era when application of cutting-edge technologies on a large scale enables the production and processing of massive biological datasets, cooperation among Research Institutes and beyond seems to be the only way to go. European Science policy and European Research Institutes alike are developing strategies to achieve this goal.

The latest Scientists' Forum article from FEBS Letters, presents the views of Dr. Silke Schumacher, Director International Relations at EMBL, on establishing strong research alliances across Europe and the world.

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Papatriantafyllou, M. (2017), Partnerships in European biomolecular research: the EMBL paradigm. FEBS Lett. doi:10.1002/1873-3468.12926

Maria Papatriantafyllou

Editorial Manager, Molecular Oncology

A series of coincidences brought about to my young post-doc self a revelation: my ideal career should combine editorial work and science communication. While working as an Editor on FEBS Press and, before that, on Nature Reviews journals, I have immensely enjoyed communicating with Life Science Researchers — be it on past, current and emerging topics in biological research, or on the future of Science Policy and Publishing.