MOSBRI offers free of charge access to a range of biophysical instruments and methodologies at our partner sites. All partners offer on-site access to these techniques, while many of the TNA partner sites also offer remote access in the form of sample ship-in services.

In addition to the funded Transnational Access to our Research Infrastructure, MOSBRI is also commited to the raising of a new generation of researchers, engineers and technicians, ready to optimally exploit and eventually further develop all the essential tools for their research, through high-quality training of students and scientists, both from academia and industry, and rapid dissemination of novel technological and methodological developments in the field of molecular-scale biophysics, to emphasize cross-fertilization and integration of techniques. These actions will foster optimal placement of post-docs in academia or in companies, thus providing added value to the job market. MOSBRI organise free courses addressed to both beginners and advanced users (you can find more information about these courses on and international conferences (for more information:

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