MOSBRI TNA Pipelines

The MOSBRI pipelines are integrated access to a synergistic set of biophysical instruments and technologies. This will allow the TNA user to fully exploit the overarching expertise of the TNA site to tackle advanced questions.

When applying for TNA via pipelines:

  • You can apply directly using the option Access to MOSBRI pipelines. A TNA site may be chosen as part of the application process: please refer to the full TNA site/partner descriptions linked below for details of the services offered.
  • Should a choice of site be unclear, then do not select one and the MOSBRI experts will help in choosing the most optimal site.
  • If the choice of pipeline, or any other MOSBRI offer, is unclear, or you have a project which needs maturation, then we offer expert counselling through applications submitted using the option Project Maturation.
  • If you need more information about a pipeline, or have any other questions including how to access several TNA sites for a pipeline, please do not hesitate to contact the MOSBRI TNA manager ([email protected]).

To obtain more more information about MOSBRI pipelines, a description of the partners and their expertise and how to apply, go to

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