The MOlecular-Scale Biophysics Research Infrastructure (MOSBRI) enables ambitious integrative multi-technological studies of biological systems at the crucial intermediate level between atomic-resolution structural descriptions and cellular-scale observations.

MOSBRI offers access to a range of services provided as free of charge transnational access (TNA). Physical and remote access to MOSBRI’s suite of instruments and methodologies are offered, as well as access to a range of pipelines that are integrated access to a synergistic set of biophysical instruments and technologies. Furthermore, products will be made available through virtual access. You can read more about MOSBRI’s TNA offers in the links below.

If you are unsure of what the best approach for characterizing your sample or system is, then we also offer

  • Project maturation

where the MOSBRI moderator panel experts will aid you in choosing the best access type and possible access site(s) for your project. In this case, only a description of the project has to be submitted.

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MOSBRI – The MOlecular-Scale Biophysics Research Infrastructure

MOSBRI is a molecular-scale biophysics research infrastructure enabling studies of biological systems between atomic-resolution and cellular-scale observations.

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