Josefina Marín-Rojas

PhD Student, University of Chile
The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology unites scientists in 75 countries or regions through a society, national council, or academy of sciences.
HDBMB Junior Section

Junior section, HDBMB - Croatian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

HDBMB Junior Section (HDBMB JS) is the Junior Section of the Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (HDBMB). It was set up in 2020 to support the career development and networking opportunities of students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences in Croatia. The HDBMB JS organise and deliver their own activities, under the supervision of their Society and all members of the HDBMB JS are members of the HDBMB. HDBMB JS are also part of the FEBS Junior Section. To find out more about the HDBMB JS read their overview post and check out the online talks and other activities they deliver, accesible from the 'Popular contributions' section below.
Keith Elliott

Member, FEBS Education Committee

I spent 40 years teaching and researching, and developed a particular interest in education and career development. I chaired the Education Committee and was Careers advisor for the UK Biochemical Society. In these roles, and my work with students at the University of Manchester, I realised how important it is for young scientists to recognise their skills and be able to "sell" themselves to potential employers (and grant awarding bodies). I now run CV support sessions for young scientists on behalf of the FEBS Education Committee, of which I was a founder member.
Nelly Marine Carreira da Silva

PhD student, Instituto de Medicina Molecular

James Richard Perkins

Postdoctoral researcher, CIBERER, University of Malaga

James Perkins is a postdoctoral bioinformatics and computational biology researcher at the University of Malaga-IBIMA and the Spanish Rare Disease Biomedical Research Network (CIBERER). His research interests include omics-analysis, target prioritization, functional annotation, systems biology and disease-phenotype analysis, with a focus on rare disease.
Maria Bzówka

PhD Student, Silesian University of Technology

Mirela Lozić

PhD student, University of Split School of Medicine

Bruno da Costa Rodrigues

PhD student, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Jan Ellenberg

Head of Imaging Centre / Head of Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Over the past 20 years, I have been interested in cell division and nuclear organization, including systematic analysis of mitosis, nuclear pore complex structure and assembly, as well as chromatin organization and formation and segregation of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes. My goal has been to obtain structural and functional measures of the required molecular machinery inside cells using quantitative 4D imaging, single molecule spectroscopy, as well as light sheet and super-resolution microscopy, which my group is constantly developing and automating to address all molecular components comprehensively. Since many years we are supporting large EU-wide efforts on systems biology of mitosis, as well as microscopy automation and unbiased computational image analysis, (,,, establishing methods to reliably score up to billions of cells and capture rare and transient functional states automatically. Due to the importance of new imaging technologies for the future life sciences and to make imaging technologies more accessible to researchers, I have coordinated EMBL 's and European efforts which led to the establishment of the EMBL Imaging Centre ( and of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC (, respectively. 
Lakshmi sowmya Emani

PhD student , KL deemed to be university

Elyse Fischer

Postdoctoral Scientist, University of Cambridge / MRC Lab of Molecular Biology