Isabel Duarte (She/Her)

Junior Researcher, Universidade do Algarve

About Isabel Duarte

I am a Junior Researcher at CINTESIS (Universidade do Algarve, Portugal).

Research Interests | I use Computational Biology as a way of answering biologically relevant questions. My research interests are focused on understanding how gene expression profiles translate into robust genetic modules that explain the phenotypic plasticity observed in healthy and diseased cells, particularly cancer. I am passionate about Open Science and I am always keen on establishing new collaborations.

Current Project | I am starting my independent research line studying cancer causality using Structural Causal Models.

Previous Research | I have experience with OMICs datasets, which I have used to study breast cancer, genetic regulation in early vertebrate embryo development, in stem cell differentiation, and in mitochondrial evolution.

Teaching | I teach Computational Biology at the Universidade do Algarve, and I organize yearly courses on R programming. 

Expertise | Cancer genetics, Molecular oncology, R programming (including package development), OMICS data analysis.

Research Interest

Cancer Cell Migration Computational Biology

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Scientific communication Scientific policy

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Apr 01, 2023

About the image | I chose this picture of a path within a beautiful nature setting, leading to somewhere unseen, because in my view, LLMs will be unraveling many new paths to explore (in cancer research, and all other areas of human knowledge). The future is here. Soon we will see where this path is leading to.


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