Claudine Leysinger

Head of Graduate Campus, University of Zurich

About Claudine Leysinger

Since 2015, Claudine Leysinger has been the head of Graduate Campus at the University of Zurich – a service platform for all PhD candidates and postdocs, committed to promoting postdoctoral researchers and enhancing the quality of doctoral training at the University of Zurich. In this position, Dr. Leysinger has been fundamental in increasing the number and variety of courses for early-career researchers in science communication. She has also been key in fostering cooperation with local institutions of art, thus giving early-career researchers a stage to communicate their research to a general public.

She studied Latin American history and political science at Columbia University in the City of New York and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. She obtained her PhD in history at Columbia University with a dissertation on the history of photography, anthropology and archaeology in nineteenth-century Mexico.

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Postgraduate training Scientific administration Scientific communication Scientific event organization Scientific policy

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