Brooke Morriswood (He/Him)

former group leader, University of Würzburg
Ádám Kun

associate professor, Eötvös University

I'm evolutionary biologist and ecologist, interested in the origin of life and the evolution of human cooperation.

Teaching is my passion, and I’m looking for new ways to inspire students and keep their interest in biology high.

Sophie Bromberger

PhD Student, Medical University of Vienna

Subham Preetam

Doctoral Student, DGIST

Subham Preetam is a professional biotechnologist who collaborates with a creative bio-robotics researcher. His area of expertise lies in early-stage research in biomedical robotics engineering, with a particular interest in quantum engineering for the manufacturing of bio-hybrid robots. He is dedicated to the advancement of precision medicine and successful preclinical research to enhance the quality of life for individuals.

With extensive cross-disciplinary training and experience in translational research, Mr. Preetam is currently focused on various research topics, including micro-robotics, soft bio-hybrid robots, and quantum nanorobot fabrication for removing heavy metals from ocean water. His research aims to improve the life expectancy of sea animals and humans.

Furthermore, he is involved in developing a bio-fluidics nanomedicine system that leverages the latest drug delivery technologies to create personalized solutions for brain cancer patients in South Korea and Sweden. Additionally, he collaborates with researchers from India, Taiwan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the US, China, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom on various collaborative projects.

Robine Maffo

PhD student, Université de Lorraine

PhD Student in Genetic and Microbiology  at DynAMIc Laboratory. The aim of my work is to understand the functioning of T4SS used during bacterial conjugation and which would favour the propagation of antibiotic resistance genes. 

I'm interested to do a postdoc after my graduation

Lara Behrmann

PhD, University Bonn / University Hospital Bonn

Laszlo Nyitray

Full Professor, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Bernard Ademola

Student, University of Benin

George Sflomos

Senior Cancer Research Scientist, EPFL

Etim Esin Etim

Academic/,PhD student, University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue State

Susanna Gevorgyan

PhD student, University of Hamburg

halil ibrahim yılmaz

biochemistry, erzurum bölge eğitim ve araştırma hastanesi

Adam Frtus

PhD. student, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague

Lakshmi sowmya Emani

PhD student , KL deemed to be university

Evgenia Milova

Student, 6th year (equivalent second year of Master’s degree), Lomonosov Moscow State University

Fiona Veira-McTiernan

Communications and Digital Platforms Associate, FEBS

I am the Communications and Digital Platforms Associate at FEBS, and I help manage content and use of online platforms and sites such as the FEBS Network, FEBS website and FEBS Congress website, but particularly on the FEBS Network. Previously I have managed the funding programmes of a number of UK research charities, mainly in the field of cancer. I have supported the income generation teams at those organisations with science communication, as well as developed e-learning resources for staff and students at the Institute of Cancer Research. I have a BSc in Biochemistry, an MSc in Nutrition and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics. After years in London I have now moved back to Spain, where I continue to work as a science communicator.

Eunus S. Ali

Postdoc, Northwestern University


PhD, Ege University

Nanotechnology, drug delivery systems, biosensors, chromatography, advanced materials characterization

Eunus Ali

Postdoc, NU


Medical doctor/PhD student, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center