Christian Frezza (He/Him)

Professor of metabolomics in ageing, CECAD, University of Cologne
Hasan Kahraman

Assistant Professor, Istanbul Atlas University

Multi-talented Technology Transfer Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Strong program and project management skills with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree focused on Molecular Biology-Genetics & Biotechnology. Skilled in scientific article writing, project management, intellectual property rights protection, university-industry collaborations, and commercialization of latest inventions. Always keen to learn, hungry for knowledge of the latest developments in biotechnology and motivated to learn, grow, and excel in Research & Development.
Lara Behrmann

PhD, University Bonn / University Hospital Bonn

Mehmet Ali Gul

Assistant Professor Doctor, Amasya University

Gavin McStay

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University

My research interests focus on the roles mitochondria play in aspects of eukaryotic life, ranging from their origin, metabolism, biogenesis and role they play in cell death pathways. These are interrogated using biochemical, molecular biology, genetic and cell biology techniques. I incorporate these interests into classes I teach to provide an understanding of practical techniques and also the current literature in the field. I studied biochemistry at the University of Leeds, with an industrial placement at Astra Charnwood, followed by a PhD at the University of Bristol, supervised by Professor Andrew Halestrap, to characterise the molecular composition of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore, with support from MitoKor. My post-doctoral training on the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis supervised by Dr Doug Green was at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology in San Diego, California and St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. I then was an associate research scientist working in the laboratory of Professor Alexander Tzagoloff at Columbia University in New York to study biogenesis of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase in budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I held independent positions as assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology in New York and Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent where I continued my research and taught subjects related to biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology. I am now a senior lecturer in biotechnology at Liverpool John Moores University.  I am a strong supporter of scientific communications and outreach to disseminate scientific developments and knowledge to a broader audience with the goal of increasing the general support of the scientific process. I also direct Biomed News, a free biomedical research literature discovery platform that uses machine learning.
James Jacob Wabwile

Masters Student, University of Nairobi

With a vast knowledge base in molecular biology and bioinformatics, I am deeply passionate about integrating hands-on laboratory expertise with advanced data analysis techniques. I aspire to contribute significantly towards innovative and transformative discoveries through OMICs and establishing new collaborations within biological research. My career goal is to continually bridge the gap between experimental exploration and insightful data analysis, thus shaping the future of scientific research.
Xavier Coumoul

Professor in Biochemistry and Toxicology, Université Paris Cité

I am a Professor of Toxicology, Biochemistry and Cell Signaling at Université Paris Cité (former Université Paris Descartes). I have completed my PhD in molecular toxicology and a post-graduate year in Bethesda, MD. I am the head of a Master degrees in toxicology and ecotoxicology. My research is based on cellular and animal models and on three main axes: 1) the influence of persistent organic pollutants on breast tumorigenesis and metabolic disruption, 2) the contextual role of pollutants in the occurrence of chronic liver diseases including steatosis and fibrosis, 3) the effect of mixtures on the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. I am involved in the development of innovative pedagogy methods and technics in order to improve transmission, acquisition, memorization and utilization of scientific knowledge by our biomedical students. I used flipped classrooms, quizzes (at home and during courses) and virtual reality to interact and immerge with students in and outside the classroom. Indeed, I developed with pedagogic engineers, 1) Home-based 45’’ Quizzes to engage students in regular learning modes and 2) serious games on cell signaling and xenobiotic stress. Together, with Etienne Blanc, Caroline Chauvet and Frédéric Dardel, I wrote several French books of biochemistry and toxicology topics for undergraduate students. I collaborate with several national and international institutes and universities (CNAM Thierry KOSCIELNIAK, Université de Strasbourg Jean-Luc SOUCIET, National University of Singapore, Fun Man FUNG...) for the development of innovative methods in teaching.
Isabel Duarte

Junior Researcher, Universidade do Algarve

I am a Junior Researcher at CINTESIS (Universidade do Algarve, Portugal). Research Interests | I use Computational Biology as a way of answering biologically relevant questions. My research interests are focused on understanding how gene expression profiles translate into robust genetic modules that explain the phenotypic plasticity observed in healthy and diseased cells, particularly cancer. I am passionate about Open Science and I am always keen on establishing new collaborations. Current Project | I am starting my independent research line studying cancer causality using Structural Causal Models. Previous Research | I have experience with OMICs datasets, which I have used to study breast cancer, genetic regulation in early vertebrate embryo development, in stem cell differentiation, and in mitochondrial evolution. Teaching | I teach Computational Biology at the Universidade do Algarve, and I organize yearly courses on R programming.  Expertise | Cancer genetics, Molecular oncology, R programming (including package development), OMICS data analysis.
Manh Tin Tin Nguyen

Postdoc researcher, Max-Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

Ichrak Hamdene

Student , Faculty of sciences of Tunis

Auke Boersma

Veterinarian / Archive Manager, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Chiara Galli

PhD student, Marche Polytechnic University

Taskeen Fatima Rizvi

PhD, Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan

IFBA certified professional in BRM, interested in Biosafety, Biosecurity and Bioethics, Research, Molecular Biology, Biostatistics, Autoimmune Diseases, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology
Bernard Ademola

Student, University of Benin

João Victor Cabral Costa

PhD candidate, University of São Paulo

Elena Piccinin

Post Doc, University of Bari "Aldo Moro"

Mafalda Laranjo

Researcher, University of Coimbra

Hassan Eskandari

Biochemist , Hakim sabzevari

Eunus S. Ali

Postdoc, Northwestern University

Joanna Kalucka

Assistant Professor, Aarhus Univeristy