Abdel fattah, Gamal Moustafa

biochemistry researcher, faculty of science, Alxanderia university

About Abdel fattah, Gamal Moustafa

iam graduated from faculty of science, chemistry and biochemistry dep. i have a biomedical analysis diploma. my master degree focused in treatment diabetes with the combination therapy using natural products and a pharmaceutical. i hope to find a PHD position in biochemistry. mainly my interest in biochemistry. title of thesis( treatment of HFD induced diabetes with combination of metformin and natural products)

Research Interest

Animal Model Cytoskeleton Drug Design Enzymology Lipoproteins and Lipid Metabolism Metabolism Metabolomics Protein Structure/Modifications Signal Transduction Stem Cells Virology

Other Expertise/Interests

Journal publishing Postgraduate training Science industry Scientific administration Scientific communication Scientific entrepreneurship

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