GBM – The German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Medical laboratory Scientist , Acu mdx laboratory and Research center Jodhpur

Mehmet Akif KILIC

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Akdeniz University

MSc in Bacterial Physiology and PhD in Protein Biochemistry Professor (Associate) at Akdeniz University Structural and functional analysis of rat prolactin receptor gene. Rat prolactin receptor and isoforms in liver and kidney. Non-genotoxic toxicity and tumorigenesis mechanisms of ochratoxin A (OTA) in vivo and in vitro. The role of testosterone and estrogen in OTA toxicity. The receptor mediated OTA toxicity and tumorigenesis in rat kidney. Ochratoxins Prolactin Receptors Estrogen Antagonists Estrogen Receptor Testosterone Androgen Receptors Nonsteroidal Anti-Androgens Ovariectomy Castration mRNA Expression Renal Pathology Renal Cancer Targeted Drug Delivery Toxicity Endocrine Disruption Reproductive Toxicology Estrogens Cancer Biology Androgens Steroids Toxicity Studies Native PAGE Endocrine Disruptors Environmental Toxicology Animal Physiology Encapsulation Cancer Research Nanoparticles Microbiology Biotechnology Proteins Protein Stability Ions Mycotoxins Cancer Cell Biology Fluorescence Spectroscopy Site-Directed Mutagenesis Wistar Rats Protein Folding Circular Dichroism Protein Conformation Cell Culture Molecular Endocrinology Neuroendocrinology Biomarkers PCR Protein Purification Reproductive Endocrinology Protein Structure Protein-Protein Interaction
Lara Behrmann

PhD, University Bonn / University Hospital Bonn


Assist. Prof., Dokuz Eylul University

Bernard Ademola

Student, University of Benin

Fadiji Olatundun Oluwapelumi

[email protected], Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State.

Brinza Ion

PhD, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University


PhD student, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Susanna Gevorgyan

PhD student, University of Hamburg

Lukas Rösner

PhD Student, University of Münster

Vinzenz Särchen

PhD Student, Goethe-University Frankfurt

Giulia Faravelli

Postdoc, University of Pavia

Fiona Veira-McTiernan

Communications and Digital Platforms Associate, FEBS

I am the Communications and Digital Platforms Associate at FEBS, and work on platforms such as the FEBS Network and FEBS website. Previously I managed the grant programmes of a number of UK research charities, mainly in the field of cancer, as well as supported the fundraising at those organisations. I also developed e-learning resources at the Institute of Cancer Research. I have a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Nutrition. After years in London I have now moved back to Spain.
Chris Maddou

Student, Universität zu Köln

Nicola Bopp

Student, Bachelor of Science, University Regensburg


Junior section, German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Junior-GBM is the Junior Section of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM). It was set up in 2011 to support the career development and networking opportunities of students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences in Germany. The Junior-GBM organise and deliver their own activities, under the supervision of their Society and all members of the Junior-GBM are members of the GBM. Junior-GBM are also part of the FEBS Junior Section. To find out more about the Junior-GBM read their overview post and check out the online talks and other activities they deliver, accesible from the 'Popular contributions' section below.
Alexander Röntgen

PhD Student, University of Cambridge

Isabel Varela Nieto

Research Professor, CSIC

Dr. Isabel Varela-Nieto graduated and earned her doctorate in Chemistry, Biochemistry Section, at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain). She has been a visiting guest scientist at the Medical Schools of Uppsala (FEBS Fellow, Sweden) and San Diego (MEC Sabbatical, USA). She is Professor of Research at the CSIC and group leader at the CIBER of rare diseases (CIBERER, ISCIII) in Madrid. From the early 1990s she has been studying hearing neurobiology and IGF-1 actions. She was the first Chair of the SEBBM Science for Society working group with which she actively collaborates, and member of the FEBS Network working group. She is currently the president of the SEBBM, a member of the FEBS Science and Society Committee and of the ISC Finances Committee.