Lluis Montoliu

CSIC Research Scientist, CNB-CSIC and CIBERER-ISCIII
Corrado Nai

Project Manager (Communication, Communities, Policy, Publications), FEMS - Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Gema Valera Vazquez

Communication Officer, INFRAFRONTIER

Auke Boersma

Veterinarian / Archive Manager, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


Res.Ass. /PhD student, Cukurova University

The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure provides access to mouse models, data, and scientific platforms and services to study the functional role of the genome in human health and disease. 

Isabel Varela Nieto

Research Professor, CSIC

Dr. Isabel Varela-Nieto graduated and earned her doctorate in Chemistry, Biochemistry Section, at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain). She has been a visiting guest scientist at the Medical Schools of Uppsala (FEBS Fellow, Sweden) and San Diego (MEC Sabbatical, USA). She is Professor of Research at the CSIC and group leader at the CIBER of rare diseases (CIBERER, ISCIII) in Madrid. From the early 1990s she has been studying hearing neurobiology and IGF-1 actions. She was the first Chair of the SEBBM Science for Society working group with which she actively collaborates, and member of the FEBS Network working group. She is currently the president of the SEBBM, a member of the FEBS Science and Society Committee and of the ISC Finances Committee.