Words of Advice - How to write a good scientific review

Our Managing Editor Paraminder Dhillon has lots of great advice for you in this newly published Words of Advice - How to write a good scientific review.
Words of Advice - How to write a good scientific review

Literature reviews are valuable resources for the scientific community. With research accelerating at an unprecedented speed in recent years and more and more original papers being published, review articles have become increasingly important as a means to keep up to date with developments in a particular area of research. A good review article provides readers with an in-depth understanding of a field and highlights key gaps and challenges to address with future research. Writing a review article also helps to expand the writer’s knowledge of their specialist area and to develop their analytical and communication skills, amongst other benefits. Thus, the importance of building review-writing into a scientific career cannot be overstated. In this instalment of The FEBS Journal’s Words of Advice series, our Managing Editor Paraminder Dhillon provides a detailed guidance on planning and writing an informative and engaging literature review.

Read the full article here: How to write a good scientific review article - Dhillon - 2022 - The FEBS Journal - Wiley Online Library 

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