The FEBS Journal 'Words of Advice' competition: how to get hired after a PhD

Following on from the hugely successful 're-opening the lab' competition, The FEBS Journal now launched a new one - aimed at those of you who love writing and are interested in sharing tips and experience on getting a job post-PhD.

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Our ‘Words of Advice’ articles provide guidance and advice for early-career researchers and more established scientists alike: from tips on preparing an impactful manuscript, poster or talk, to techniques for effective university teaching. This unique article series is a useful resource for a wide range of readers aiming to improve their scientific output and communication with peers.

Now, it’s your turn to give advice: the FEBS Journal invites early-career scientists to write a ‘Words of Advice’ article on ‘how to build a well-rounded CV to get hired post-PhD’. This is an opportunity to provide your perspectives on the key skills and activities that PhD students should acquire and add to their CV (aka résumé) to enhance their chances of being hired after graduation. The piece can be based on your own and colleagues’ experiences, could focus on jobs in or outside academia (or both) and might provide tips on writing and laying out a CV as well as gaining the skills, extracurricular activities and experience that make up the content of the CV. The overall aim of this article is to inspire and guide PhD students on making the most of their doctoral years and to drive their career prospects forward.

The winner will not only get a monetary reward of 500€, but their ‘Words of Advice’ article will be published in The FEBS Journal - following editorial evaluation and editing, with the approval of the author - and widely publicised to the journal’s global audience. For an idea on what format and style we expect for your entry, please check out our ‘Words of Advice’ article series: We encourage the inclusion of figures and tables. All submissions from the category of scientists described below will be considered.


Please submit your entries by midnight (CET) on Tuesday 8th September 2020 via email to:

Who can participate?

We invite all scientists who are currently undertaking their PhD or graduated within the past 7 years to contribute.

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