The FEBS Congress 2024, Milano – opportunities to present your work

Don't miss the 8 March 2024 deadline!
The FEBS Congress 2024, Milano – opportunities to present your work

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The 48th FEBS Congress – titled ‘Mining biochemistry for human health and well-being’ – will take place in Milano, from 29 June to 3 July 2024, hosted by the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The event will be a great opportunity to be updated with recent discoveries and trends across the field of biomolecular sciences, through plenary lectures from distinguished researchers, symposia on important focused research areas, special sessions on related topics such as education and European research infrastructures, and an exhibition from industry. 

There are also opportunities to present your work as a poster, speed talk or symposia talk! 

Posters: Posters are an important part of the Congress, often reporting some of the most up-to-date research at the event and a very useful aid for networking and discussing findings with others interested in the same questions or approaches. Posters will be presented in dedicated sessions, and poster prizes will be awarded by the four journals of FEBS Press.

Talks: Selected from abstract submissions, participants reporting particularly interesting, significant or relevant research may be invited to contribute talks of 15–20 minutes integrated into the symposia sessions. In addition, several speed talk sessions will be organized covering the research topics of the Congress, where selected participants will have an opportunity to present their results as a 3-minute talk, as well as presenting their poster at the event. Prizes for two outstanding speed talks will be awarded by FEBS Open Bio.

8 March 2024 is a key date in the build up to the event. Submit your abstract by this date for consideration for talks, certain support schemes, and inclusion in the FEBS Open Bio Congress supplement. It is also the deadline for the early registration fee.

    48th FEBS Congress website:

    Call for abstracts:

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