Special Issue: Infection and Immunity

Special Issue: Infection and Immunity

The latest Special Issue of The FEBS Journal, introduced by Inna Afonina and Eik Hoffmann, consists of 20 reviews covering various aspects and new developments in ‘Infection and Immunity’.

The issue includes expert views on the role of different immune cell populations, on the regulation of innate and adaptive immune responses, and novel concepts in host defence and inflammatory signalling. Many reviews in this issue also highlight potential targets for future therapeutic interventions that aim to tackle inflammatory and immune responses in health and disease.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest special issue found here: Infection and Immunity: The FEBS Journal: Vol 289, No 14 (wiley.com) 


  • 1 Afonina IS, Hoffmann E. Infection and immunity: 'There Are Things Out There You (Don't) Need To Know About'. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3920-25
  • 2 The FEBS Journal Editorial Team, Beyaert R. Editor Profile: Rudi Beyaert. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3926 31.
  • 3 Othman A, Sekheri M, Filep JG. Roles of neutrophil granule proteins in orchestrating inflammation and immunity. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3932 53.
  • 4 Liu ML, Lyu X, Werth WP. Recent progress in the mechanistic understanding of NET formation in neutrophils. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3954 66.
  • 5 Bennstein SB, Uhrberg M. Biology and therapeutic potential of human innate lymphoid cells. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3967 81.
  • 6 Piersma SJ, Brizić I. Natural killer cell effector functions in antiviral defense. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 3982 99.
  • 7 Zhuo X, Wu Y, Fu X, Liang X, Xiang Y, Li J, et al. The Yin-Yang roles of protease-activated receptors in inflammatory signalling and diseases. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4000 20.
  • 8 Bauer KM, Round JL, O'Connell RM. No small matter: emerging roles for exosomal miRNAs in the immune system. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4021 37.
  • 9 Froggatt HM, Heaton NS. Nonrespiratory sites of influenza-associated disease: mechanisms and experimental systems for continued study. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4038 60.
  • 10 Mia MM, Singh MK. Emerging roles of the Hippo signaling pathway in modulating immune response and inflammation-driven tissue repair and remodelling. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4061 81.
  • 11 Huoh YS, Hur S. Death domain fold proteins in immune signaling and transcriptional regulation. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4082 97.
  • 12 Fang Y, Peng K. Regulation of innate immune responses by cell death-associated caspases during virus infection. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4098 111.
  • 13 Chauhan S, Jena KK, Mehto S, Chauhan NR, Sahu R, Dhar K, et al. Innate immunity and inflammophagy: balancing the defence and immune homeostasis. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4112 31.
  • 14 Maruyama K. Senso-immunology: crosstalk between nociceptive and immune systems. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4132 45.
  • 15 Pal R, Bisht MK, Mukhopadhyay S. Secretory proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and their roles in modulation of host immune responses: focus on therapeutic targets. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4146 71.
  • 16 Fatima S, Kumari A, Agarwal M, Pahuja I, Yadav V, Dwivedi VP, et al. Epigenetic code during mycobacterial infections: therapeutic implications for tuberculosis. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4172 91.
  • 17 Sibinelli-Sousa S, de Araújo-Silva AL, Hespanhol JT, Bayer-Santos E. Revisiting the steps of Salmonella gut infection with a focus on antagonistic interbacterial interactions. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4192 211.
  • 18 Jordan PM, Werz O. Specialized pro-resolving mediators: biosynthesis and biological role in bacterial infections. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4212 27.
  • 19 Aaron TS, Fooksman DR. Dynamic organization of the bone marrow plasma cell niche. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4228 39.
  • 20 Quaglia F, Salladini E, Carraro M, Minervini G, Tosatto SCE, Le Mercier P. SARS-CoV-2 variants preferentially emerge at intrinsically disordered protein sites helping immune evasion. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4240 50.
  • 21 Anderluh M, Berti F, Bzducha-Wróbel A, Chiodo F, Colombo C, Compostella F, et al. Recent advances on smart glycoconjugate vaccines in infections and cancer. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4251 303.
  • 22 Rossotti MA, Bélanger K, Henry KA, Tanha J. Immunogenicity and humanization of single-domain antibodies. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 4304 27.

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