Oncode Accelerator: The call for Demonstrator Projects is open!

Through the Oncode Accelerator unique network and infrastructure, you will have access to world-class research institutes and industry, top scientists, a dedicated team to manage the process from start to finish, and co-funding up to 50%.
Oncode Accelerator: The call for Demonstrator Projects is open!

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The preclinical development process for cancer therapies is lengthy, costly and needs to be revolutionized. The Oncode Accelerator program, a dynamic network of public and private partnerships from the Netherlands, is boldly taking on this challenge, driven by a profound commitment to improve patient outcomes. We believe preclinical drug discovery and development can be accelerated and de-risked, using an innovative combination of well-defined patient cohorts, organoid models, and artificial intelligence.

Our approach has its roots in the preclinical development expertise already available in the Netherlands. Our infrastructure is built on three so-called Innovation Platforms, each uniquely equipped to address the challenges of preclinical development, either alone or in synergy.

1. Well-defined Patient Cohorts

We are building well-defined Patient Cohorts for specific cancer types. These patients have provided a universal informed consent for both data use and biologic material stored in biobanks. We can use real-world, real-time clinical data from the Electronic Health Record (EHR), as well as generate additional data for these patients, such as whole genome sequencing (WGS) and RNA transcriptomics data. Various tumor tissues will be used to create biobanks, and we can request to draw blood from these patients to be included in the biobank as well. The patients are available for intervention studies and will be followed during their clinical journey. 

2. Organoids

Organoids are lab-grown miniature organs that accurately mimic many aspects of normal physiology and disease phenotypes, including genetic profiles. These models can be used to screen promising therapy candidates and to identify patient populations that are most likely to benefit from therapy. The Oncode Accelerator Organoids Platform encompasses a wide variety of patient-specific pediatric and adult tumor models using tissue from the well-defined Patient Cohort Platform biobanks, as well as from existing repositories of patient tissue materials and previously generated organoid models. It is our aim to also develop new organoid models.   

3. Artificial Intelligence

To identify and optimize therapies, to predict their efficacy, and to identify potential patients or patient populations for studies, we will use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It will be used to analyze the data generated in the other Innovation Platforms, as well as to analyze existing data provided by the applicant.  

To make optimal use of our preclinical development infrastructure, we utilize four preclinical development pipelines, so called Workstreams, representing the development of the four most prominent types of cancer therapies. These Workstreams are:   

  1. Small Molecules  
  2. Biologics  
  3. Cell and Gene Therapy  
  4. Therapeutic Vaccines  

We believe the combination of our Workstreams and Platforms creates a synergistic effect resulting in better therapies, tailored to individual patients or patient subgroups.  

Watch the video to learn more:

Why should I join?

The call for Demonstrator Projects, preclinical development projects for promising targets, is now open. As a partner of our unique cancer research network, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment, access to expertise, facilities and technologies aimed at efficient, patient-centered development of cancer therapies up to early clinical validation. We aim to eventually turn assets into de-risked clinical candidates.   

Demonstrator Projects serve as ‘proof of principle’ for our approach. With this call opening, we invite international researchers, biotech and pharma to apply for Demonstrator Projects to support testing and validating the innovative Oncode Accelerator infrastructure.

Through Oncode Accelerator, applicants may be eligible for up to 50% co-funding (maximum of €1.5 million per Demonstrator Project) by the Dutch National Growth Fund. The first call phase lasts until Q2 2025 and has co-funding budget of €25 million.

In summary, by joining Oncode Accelerator as a Demonstrator Project executing party you get:

  • Co-funding for eligible Demonstrator Projects.
  • Access to the latest innovations in discovery & preclinical development.
  • Access to well-defined patient cohorts, patient data and patient-derived models.
  • Better prediction of efficacy and safety using AI.
  • Accelerated development of de-risked clinical candidates.
  • Integrated approach in executing Demonstrator Projects.

In order to be eligible for co-funding, proposals need to fit within the framework of the demonstrator program goals and pipeline validation strategies, i.e., 1) test and validate part of the innovated Oncode Accelerator infrastructure, 2) simultaneously aim to increase the technology readiness level of the lead and 3) ultimately aim to deliver novel clinical candidates.

For more information visit our website and learn how to apply, what our eligibility requirements are or download the intake form to start your application directly.

Questions? Email us: [email protected]

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About: The Oncode Accelerator Project receives funding from the Dutch National Growth Fund (NGF). It is a collaboration between 6 coordinating partners: Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Princess Máxima Center, UMC Utrecht and the Oncode Accelerator Foundation, who lead individual consortia within the Oncode Accelerator Project.

Top image by Oncode Accelerator.

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