International Day of Women and Girls in Science

#February11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We take this opportunity to thank the wonderful women scientists who contribute their time and expertise to The FEBS Journal.
International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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On the occasion of the UN's International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we'd like to  highlight how vital women scientists are to our journal. It is our pleasure to introduce to you some of our fantastic Editorial Board members who are leaders in their fields:

Ana García Sáez is Professor at the CECAD Research Center, Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne (Germany). Her lab investigates membrane biology and cell death. Learn more about Ana's work in her Editor Profile interview

Angela Gronenborn is the UPMC Rosalind Franklin Professor and Chair of the Department of Structural Biology, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine and Professor of Bioengineering, Swanson School of Engineering, Pittsburgh (USA). In her research, she uses structural methods to investigate cellular processes in disease. In her Editor Profile interview, Angela offers her unique experiences and perspectives. 

Fumiyo Ikeda is Professor at the Ubiquitin Biology Laboratory, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University (Japan). She studies how cells respond to inflammatory stimuli and stress and cultivates very interesting hobbies. Curious? Learn more in Fumiyo's Editor Profile interview

Hyunsook Lee is Professor at the Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology, Seoul National University (Korea). Her lab focuses on the roles of BRCA2 and BubR1 in malignant transformation. Read Hyunsook's Editor Profile interview for fascinating detail on her work. 

Christine Watson is Professor of Cell and Cancer Biology at the University of Cambridge (UK). In her In Conversation With... interview, Christine discusses her career path, milestones in her field of mammary gland development, and the delights of publishing a paper with an all-female author group. 

Women's contributions to science should be acknowledged and celebrated year-round. As such, we are keen to introduce our Editorial Board members Linda Penn, Marina Chekulaeva, Frances Brodsky and Arzu Celik throughout the coming year. We look forward to sharing the interviews with these remarkable women scientists, so check back regularly! 

On this occasion, we would also like to thank the women scientists who are our authors, reviewers, and advisors. 

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