Announcing The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prizewinner 2022

The FEBS Journal awards an annual prize of €5000, split between the first and senior authors, in recognition of an important research paper published by the journal in the preceding year.
Announcing The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prizewinner 2022

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We are delighted to announce that The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize 2022 has been awarded for an outstanding paper published by Eilika Weber-Ban and co-authors (Institute of Molecular Biology & Biophysics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) in The FEBS Journal in 2021. We invite you to read through their excellent paper below:

Genome-wide interaction screen for Mycobacterium tuberculosis ClpCP protease reveals toxin–antitoxin systems as a major substrate class

By Michal Ziemski, Julia Leodolter, Gabrielle Taylor, Anne Kerschenmeyer, Eilika Weber-Ban

Here is a brief summary of this work:

The ClpCP chaperone–protease complex is essential in mycobacteria, making it an attractive drug target in the treatment of tuberculosis. Eilika Weber-Ban and co-authors adapted a high-throughput bacterial adenylate cyclase two-hybrid screening system to probe the interactome of the ClpCP protease in Mycobacterium tuberculosis to identify interaction partners at the genome-wide level. They identify toxin-antitoxin systems as a major substrate class and also show that the ClpCP protease is involved in the post-translational regulation of type II toxin-antitoxin systems, implicating the pathway in the development of bacterial persistence.

Huge congratulations to Eilika Weber-Ban and colleagues for this exciting work!

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