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From SEBBM we want to contribute to the dissemination of truthful, proven and reliable news about Covid-19 pandemic. That is why we have selected several articles and links (in Spanish and in English) that we believe may be of interest.

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Headlines translated to English.

- CSIC is promoting a genomic epidemiology project to predict the evolution of the new coronavirus (Source: CSIC, 04/03/2020)

- Coronavirus: entering the time of research (Source: El País, author: Margarita del Val, 04/01/2020)

- Why there are reasons for optimism if in Spain there is already 15% of the population infected with COVID-19 (Source: Blogs 20 minutes, author: Javier Yanes, 04/01/2020)

- Covid-19: focus on Europe (Source: The Newsmakers, TRTWorld, 04/01/2020

- With symptoms and reaching the peak (Source: El Cultural, author: José Antonio López, 03/31/2020)

- We practiced for a pandemic, but didn't brace (Source: Nature, 03/30/2020)

- Can the coronavirus mutate and become more lethal? (Source: ABC, 03/30/2020)

- The SARS-CoV-2 scenario (Source: Mètode, 03/30/2020).

- Coronavirus: science has never advanced so much in such a short time (Source: A hombros de gigantes, Radio 5, 03/29/2020)

- "I have a PCR and I know how to use it": University laboratories offer themselves to close off the coronavirus" (Source: Agencia SINC, 03/26/2020)

- Rapid tests for coronavirus: how do they work (Source: FEBS Network, author: Ángel Herráez, 03/26/2020)

- Should scientists infect healthy people with the coronavirus to test vaccines? (Source: Nature, 03/26/2020)

- CSIC scientists work on a coronavirus vaccine from the virus that eradicated smallpox (Source: CSIC, 03/26/2020)

- "We need to know what the coronavirus does in the first hours": Mariano Esteban, virologist at the CNB (Source: Voz Pópuli, 03/25/2020)

- How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives (Source: Nature, 03/24/2020)

- Letter to the European Scientific Community for a common European Policy against SARS-Cov-2 spread (Source: FEBS Network, author: Raffaele Porta, 03/24/2020)

- Microbiological warfare, temperature and adaptation (El Cultural, author: José Antonio López, CBMSO CSIC-UAM, 03/24/2020)

- "At the MareNostrum we have been testing millions of drugs against the coronavirus for weeks " (Interview with Alfonso Valencia, director of the National Institute of Bioinformatics, SINC Agency, 03/24/2020)

- "It is impossible that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory": López Guerrero (Neurovirologist) (Source: El Economista, 03/24/2020)

- Why didn't we humans understand what was happening? (Source: Continuidad de los Libros magazine, author: Fernando Giráldez)

- Coronavirus pandemic: let's not forget Ethics (Source: Lluis Montoliu Gen-Ethics Blog, Naukas, 03/23/2020)

- "There are vaccines against coronavirus that are very close to human trials": López Guerrero, expert in Microbiology ("Liarla Pardo", from La Sexta, 03/22/2020)

- Coronavirus: knowing the enemy (Source: The Conversation, author: Ismael Migarro, 02/22/2020)

- Monograph on the Covid-19: experts tell us about mathematical models to predict and control the pandemic, and the start of a large clinical trial worldwide (Source: A Hombros de Gigantes, Radio 5, 03/22/20209)

- CSIC promotes research in biotechnology, nanotechnology and demography to tackle the coronavirus (Source: CSIC, 03/22/2020)

- Diary of a quarantine: hoaxes, myths, milestones and funny stories (Source: Bio Blog (Science + Technology of José Antonio López (CBMSO - CSIC-UAM), 03/21/2020)

- Report of the situation from the Carlos III Health Institute (03/20/2020)

- Learn by doing - risk-free and from your home: how a genetic test detects Coronavirus (Source: FEBS Network, author: Ángel Herráez, 03/19/2020)

- The coronavirus is mutating, but don't panic: not interested in killing us (Source: Nius Diario, 03/18/2020)

- How to diagnose coronavirus with the RT-PCR technique? (video of scientific dissemination of Lluis Montoliu, CNB -CSIC, 03/17/2020)

- SARS - CoV-2 (COVID19), a pandemic - power point presentation by Dr. Josep Maria Miró, included in the 17th edition of PostCROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections), (03/17/2020)

- Diary of a quarantine: hoaxes, myths, milestones and funny stories (Source: El Cultural, author: José Antonio López, CBMSO CSIC-UAM, 03/17/2020)

- “About obtaining the first Sars-CoV2 genomes in Spain”: Interview with Ismael Mingarro (Source: It's Late in Valencia, 03/17/2020)

- Podcast of "A hombros de gigantes" in which Margarita del Val, researcher at the CBMSO CSIC-UAM, talks about our individual responsibility to stop the Covid-19 pandemic (Source: A Hombros de Gigantes, Radio 5, 15 / 03/2020)

- Special coronavirus: everything that is known about the COVID-19 epidemic (Cadena Ser, 03/10/2020)

- Climate change is not related to this coronavirus, but it will bring new and more virulent viruses (Source: Nius Diario, 07/03/2020)

- Domestic chronicle of solidary isolation ("Science with Chocolate" blog by Dr. Enrique de la Rosa, director of the CIB Margarita Salas - CSIC)

- Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

- Coronavirus and children: "They suffer from a much less virulent infection than older adults" (Interview with José Antonio López, from the CBMSO CSIC-UAM, in "Al Rojo Vivo", from La Sexta, 03/04/2020)

- Strategies to control the new SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus (Source: SEBBM, author: Isabel Sola, 03/04/2020)

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