The FEBS Journal's Special Issue on Extracellular Matrix in Health and Disease

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This Special Issue from The FEBS Journal comprises 13 reviews that highlight the role of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in maintaining tissue homeostasis, and how dysregulation of ECM expression and remodelling are key players in the development and progression of several diseases, from cancer to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. These articles also present and critically discuss the potential of targeting ECM components to open new avenues in pharmacological treatment of diseases. We hope you find these pieces as engaging and informative as we have, and we are grateful to the authors for their excellent contributions.

Issue cover: Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) showing fat cells (brown, red) and connective tissue fibres (orange) in adipose connective tissue. Credit Prof. P. Motta, Dept. of Anatomy, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Science Photo Library.

Extracellular matrix: key structural and functional meshwork in health and disease
N. K. Karamanos

Review Articles
The extracellular matrix as a multitasking player in disease
A. D. Theocharis, D. Manou & N. K. Karamanos

Proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans as regulators of cancer stem cell function and therapeutic resistance
D. Vitale, S. Kumar Katakam, B. Greve, B. Jang, E.-S. Oh, L. Alaniz & M. Götte

Hyaluronan: molecular size-dependent signaling and biological functions in inflammation and cancer
A. G. Tavianatou, I. Caon, M. Franchi, Z. Piperigkou, D. Galesso & N. K. Karamanos

Stroma in normal and cancer wound healing
E. Huet, C. Jaroz, H. Q. Nguyen, Y. Belkacemi, A. de la Taille, V. Stavrinides & H. Whitaker

Insight into the role of chondroitin sulfate E in angiogenesis
P. Kastana, E. Choleva, E. Poimenidi, N. Karamanos, K. Sugahara & E. Papadimitriou

Dissecting the role of hyaluronan synthases in the tumor microenvironment
A. Passi, D. Vigetti, S. Buraschi & R. V. Iozzo

Metal ions and the extracellular matrix in tumor migration
M. P. Stelling, J. M. Motta, M. Mashid, W. E. Johnson, M. S. Pavão & N. P. Farrell

Breaking down chronic inflammatory diseases: the role of biglycan in promoting a switch between inflammation and autophagy
H. Roedig, M. V. Nastase, M. Wygrecka & L. Schaefer

Role of elastin peptides and elastin receptor complex in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases
A. Wahart, T. Hocine, C. Albrecht, A. Henry, T. Sarazin, L. Martiny, H. El Btaouri, P. Maurice, A. Bennasroune, B. Romier-Crouzet, S. Blaise & L. Duca

Structures and interactions of syndecans
F. Gondelaud & S. Ricard-Blum

Bone and connective tissue disorders caused by defects in glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis: a panoramic view
C. Paganini, R. Costantini, A. Superti-Furga & A. Rossi

Bone biology: insights from osteogenesis imperfecta and related rare fragility syndromes
R. Besio, C.-W. Chow, F. Tonelli, J. C. Marini & A. Forlino

A Guide To
A guide to hyaluronan and related enzymes in breast cancer: biological significance and diagnostic value
C. Velesiotis, S. Vasileiou & D. H. Vynios

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