FEBS 2019 Congress poster introductions on the FEBS Network – an invitation

Here's a new opportunity for research communication for the upcoming 44th FEBS Congress in Krakow – video introductions to posters!
FEBS 2019 Congress poster introductions on the FEBS Network – an invitation

Posters have long been an important part of FEBS Congresses – they bring some of the newest results to the event, encourage active participation of delegates, and are an important networking tool.

But FEBS is always considering ways to enhance the experience for poster presenters as well as poster viewers. For the 44th FEBS Congress in Krakow (6–11 July 2019), we are pleased to invite delegates to try a new idea ahead of the event: to record a short (1-minute) video to introduce your poster! The videos will be hosted on the FEBS Network in a dedicated channel around the time of the event.

We expect such a video to encourage other interested scientists to visit your poster in person at the event, as well as to help delegates at the Congress identify relevant poster content and understand areas of research they are less familiar with. The videos will also have interest in their own right on the FEBS Network platform.

The FEBS Network Working Group will reward their first, second and third favourite contributions to this new initiative with prizes of 100, 80 and 60 Euro, which will be presented at the FEBS Congress. Good luck!

About the video:

Your video can take any form. For example, you might like to make just a simple recording of yourself talking to camera, or film an introduction in your lab, or present a slide with voice over or an animation.

Technical details:  <1 GB; MOV, WMV, FLV or MP4 format; run time 60 sec max.

About uploading:

To upload your video, just sign in to the FEBS Network, and follow the general guide here on video posting.

In order to allow others to find relevant videos easily, please use the following style for the title and introduction when loading your video onto the FEBS Network:

  • Title field: FEBS 2019 Poster notation. Short title – e.g. FEBS 2019 P-44-06. XYZ Structural insights
  • Intro field: A video introduction to the poster ‘Full title as it appears on your poster’, 44th FEBS Congress.

Videos can be uploaded at any time, but we recommend you do so ahead of the event so there is plenty of time for other delegates attending the Congress to view them.

Display on the FEBS Network:

When you upload your video to the FEBS Network, it will first appear on your profile page and also in the row on the FEBS Network homepage called ‘Latest from all the community’. Poster videos will then be moved by FEBS into a dedicated new channel on the FEBS homepage that will be displayed around the time of the event (26 June to 17 July 2019). After this time the poster videos can remain on your profile page for as long as you wish (you are able to delete the video at any time).

We will also be adding the link for each poster video into the relevant poster entry on the Congress app, to enable delegates to also discover the videos from the app platform.

We look forward to seeing your videos appear! 

For any queries, please contact info@febs.org

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