A Highlight from The FEBS Journal – April 2018

A highlight of the Editor's Choice article from Issue 8

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Differential effects of Vav-promoter-driven overexpression of BCLX and BFL1 on lymphocyte survival and B cell lymphomagenesis

Tuzlak, Villunger and colleagues (2017), The FEBS Journal, doi:0.1111/febs.14426

BCLX and BFL1/A1 are pro‐survival members of the BCL2 family. Elevated expression of BCLX or BFL1/A1 has been detected in malignancies including acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia; moreover, overexpression of these proteins protect leukocytes from apoptosis. To investigate roles for BCLX and BFL1 in lymphomagenesis, Selma Tuzlak et al. generated transgenic mice expressing human BFL1 or BCLX throughout the haematopoietic system under the control of the Vavpromoter. Haematopoiesis was normal in both transgenic mice. However, concomitant overexpression of Eµ‐MYC led to accelerated lymphomagenesis due to enhanced survival of immature B lymphoid cells.

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